Keeping up

I cant believe it's been 2 years all most since I updated this page. It's crazy how life passes us by. My art comes in and goes. Mental health is the biggest struggle today. It pushes away my likes and sometimes its hard to get them back. But here it is alive and happy. Hanging some art for the month of Feb so come out and check it. It will be hanging at the Good Earth Co-op.

The life I lead

I'm back... Hoping that people are making it to my page to enjoy some art or just be inspired. I'm doing the St. Cloud art crawl again. Feeling very grateful that no matter how crazy life gets art still finds its way in to fill my heart.

Will I make it

Well the page is up but it is not done. It's been a journey figuring out what I wanted to do with my art. The first thing that came to mind was to inspire others in ways they never knew possible.